Secrets of the upscale wadding

Discover the secrets of making an upscale wadding.

The characteristics of a good wadding

Wadding generally is one of the best isolation against the cold. In Europe, PEG is one of the leading experts in wadding isolation against the cold, thanks to a long experience in that area.

Thermal wadding values ​​are determined by two criteria:

  • The adiathermic power
  • The thermic resistance

To assess their relation to humidity, there are two characteristics:

  • Evaporative resistance
  • The index of the permeability to water vapor.

The volume is certainly an important factor, but at the same thickness, it is the wadding which has the finest fibers that will be most effective. A thin, lightweight wadding can be very effecient against the cold (eg Filifine ® Pro Trispace LIGHT 2220).

Microfibers : source of heat and comfort

PEG incorporates in several Trispace waddings and in Filifine ® wadding fiber below 1 decitex wadding (decitex is the weight in grams of 10,000 meters of a yarn or of a fiber). THERMOLITE MICRO ® is a 100% microfiber wadding for a softness and a heat similar to the fluff's.

Microfibers are synonymous of heat and softness, but also comfort. The counterpart of high thermal resistance wadding is also their evaporative. Microfiber waddings have permeability index to water vapor in the order of 0.70 or + (plus the value is close to 1, the more comfortable range will be extended).

Wadding designed and manufactured custom

These fibers are characterized by two values: the title (or volumetric mass expressed in g / m) and the length. Plus the value of the security, the smaller the surface area will be silky. In addition, this type of microfiber will have a strong thermal isolation power.

To design and manufacture high quality wadding, PEG can also play on the fibers section. For example, the tetralobes fibers have four lobes allowing them to have a better moisture evacuation. PEG uses it for many products like sportswear (related PEG clothing website - heading thermolite range). Another example is the so-called hollow fibers that give a larger appearance to the final product: in clothing, found this « swelling » aspect on the jackets and other ski anoraks.

Fibers with specific properties

For professional clothing, PEG performs specific fiber treatments depending on the desired properties. Clothing for firefighters must resist heat and fire. PEG dispose on the fibers a thin fireproof film: this is called sizing.

According to specific needs, other specific treatments can be performed: fireproof, aromatic, antibacterial.

All of these methods are also used to design and manufacture the isolators used in the building area today (link to website PEG insulation - heading recognized expertise).

The art of PEG is to master all the techniques of processing fibers and wadding to make "custom" products. Objective: stick to client requests and defined propertie in the specifications for the final product. And besides, it's made ​​in France.