A manufacture leader for the upscale waddings

PEG is a key leader in the French market and exports its products throughout Europe and North Africa. This is a company that heavily invests in R&D. Its strengths : the quest for innovation, made in France products and the meeting  for the most demanding certifications in France and in Europe, a strong production capacity and a fully integrated logistic.

Waddings more and more innovative

"We are the Bocuse of the wadding", likes to say the CEO of PEG, Alain Comalada. PEG masters all the techniques of fibers utilisation. The company designs and manufactures fiber-to-measure according to the needs of each customer, including expected properties of the final product.

This quest for innovation is symbolized by the spectacular progress made by PEG in the fight against moisture in clothes, but also to develop the range of ECOPEG and TISOLECO isolators : they replace more and more glass wool to isolate buildings (link to PEG isolation website - Products section).

Products made ​​in France to meet the most demanding certifications in France and Europe

Furthermore, all products are submitted to regular inspections by recognized testing laboratories in France and Europe (linked to site PEG insulation - heading certification).

These strict controls associated with a 100% Made in France production is a plus that our PEG customers can show on their products.

A production capacity of several thousand tons and a 100% integrated logistic

Each year, PEG transforms 4,000 tons of fiber on its two sites. We produce 1 million blankets per year and has a production capacity of 5 million pillows per year (last year, we produced 2.7 millions pillows).

We dispose of our own logistics warehouse that works 24/24 and 7 days out of 7 with 8 loading docks and 2 unloading docks. Several advantages:

With PEG, traceability is a second nature. The Company assesses at each step the origin of its fibers.

Then, at each stage of manufacturing these wadding, the products are tested by the internal production teams and our internal laboratory.

  • quick delivery (3-7 days)
  • Process controlled because of their internalization

Deliveries just on time, allowing clients to manage better their inventories.