Pillows, Blankets, Bolsters

PEG is particularly involved in the manufacture of microfibers blankets and pillows.

The envelopes are made ​​of fabric

Cotton is often used because it has many advantages : a natural side, a nice touch, and extra comfort (absorption capacity of the fiber). The viscose and polyester may be associated with the cotton according to the desired resistance and weaving.

Envelopes may have special properties due to different treatments : anti-mite, anti-fire... They can also be prepared to resist to high temperature washes (90°).

The paddings may be of natural or synthetic fibers. The experience of PEG on wadding isolation against the cold helped the development of highly efficient packing with anti-dust mite effects, allergy or sedatives.

Lot Microfibre
Surmatelas Microgel
Couette Percale