Upholstery Padding and Topmattress

The wadding is also found in sofas and topmattress. Again, PEG is required in France as a partner for all referenced manufacturers : our expertise and mastery of wadding are masters asset. On the French market, PEG is leader because it is the specialist in the wadding manufacture and processing.

For furniture padding, PEG provides all sofas manufacturers since 1968.

For topmattresses, PEG works for the biggest French manufacturers of mattresses (Merinos, Treca, Dunlopillo, Andre Renault ...). These mattresses are designed to avoid heat and sweating. These waddings produced by PEG offer value for money. Like all PEG wadding, they are certified and guaranteed for periods of 5 to 10 years.

Leader of mattresses specially designed for babies

Since five years, PEG designs and manufactures childcare mattresses of 120 x 60. This compact wadding c and 100% polyester behaves like moss: it seduces all French manufacturers.